You’ve thought about doing a 365 but aren’t?!

So, I’m 61% done with my current 365. And yes, I busted out my calculator to figure that out. I wanted to take some time to share with you my thoughts on the whole experience.

I’ve never attempted a 365 project before though I had contemplated it numerous times. It seemed daunting and I felt that I wouldn’t be able to come up with material everyday. I was really stuck on posting everyday. How does one find time or content? In the end, I figured why not!? I’m continuously looking to learn and try new things so this would be an opportunity to do both. Mind you I decided this randomly in November so my 365 does not have a traditional January 1st start date and that’s okay. If you’re reading this and thinking you’re interested please start. June 17th ot 18th are perfect days, really. They are.

The first few days or even weeks were tough. I kept over analyzing each picture and if and when I should post it. That become too time consuming and soon I realized that perfection with a three and one year old is not what I’m aiming for in this project. So, I just went with it. When I let go of the idea of the perfect image I was able to really give the project a piece of myself.

Things I’ve learned in the last 224 days of picture taking. And these are in no particular order.

  • I’m really enjoying this. Lifestyle photography is my passion and that’s what my 365 has turned out to be. It opened my eyes and solidified my interest in telling mine and other families stories.
  • It’s OKAY if a day or two goes by and you can’t get it done. Personally, I occasionally needed a break and I didn’t post though I typically did take a picture. Breaks are not a reason to quit. If you get behind just pick up when you can.
  • For some 365-ers it’s all about the image but for me it became about the words with the image. It’s my five minutes of scheduled down time at the end of the day where I look through my phone, pick my image, and then write and write and write. It’s interesting how the image really gives me perspective on the days events.
  • Has anyone told you to enjoy the time with your little ones because it just flies by? Did it irritate you because in the midst of all the crying, boogers, and silliness you couldn’t think that way. Well, I think the 365 project is really allowing me to enjoy the time with my little ones! I can look back on the last 224 days and see so much growth, happiness and little moments I normally would have forgotten. It’s become a visual journal.
  • I’m becoming quicker when analyzing a situation for a possible picture. I am now able to glance around and determine where the light is best or if I should try a different angle or whose point of view do I want to share this from. Learning! Learning! There’s always time to keep learning.
  • I love that I’ve been able to connect with so many people. Sometimes I hear from an old high school friend who will find a particular post interesting. Other times there’s a Mama I’ve never met in PA that is moved by the image and words and she reaches out to me. And other times because I’m on IG daily I am inspired by others.

So friends try something out of your comfort zone and see where it leads you. I would love to follow your journey so let me know if you’re in the midst of or interested in a 365.

And here’s my 365. Feel free to take a look even if you’re on on Instagram. I invite you to take it all in and maybe it will inspire you to begin one.


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