Using Your Home

So your kids are up to some cute things these days and you want to capture the smiles, the missing teeth or the crawls. But where?

Well, I’m sure your home has some great spots you haven’t utilized. Here’s two suggestions.

Try the bathroom. Typically, there’s a lot of tile in there and a white tub that reflects a lot of great light. Here are pictures of my little guy’s first bath in the actual tub. Now if you’re looking at these and thinking something along the lines of “But have you seen my bathroom? It does not have this kind of light!” Well, put those thoughts aside. Let me reassure you – I don’t have a double sink bathroom with a soaker tub and extra storage and everything else HGTV related. Mine is tiny and a bit well, grimy. Okay, not really but it’s old. Three of us barely fit in there. Heck, two adults barely fit. Anyway, so try it! Here’s what I came up with in my non HGTV bathroom.


Next, step outdoors. The side of your house  probably has one color of siding or brick which would make for a great background. Or try in front of your garage. If it’s white it’s going to reflect a lot of light. If it’s a different solid color it could add a lot of interest to your picture. And if it’s a wood, like this example below, it could turn out great too!

Here’s a pull back of what I have to work with.

And here’s what I came up with. Doesn’t hurt that the models are adorable!


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