To Me Lifestyle Photography is….

life as it is in the moment.

The older my boys get the more I realize that I want to capture everything. Their good, bad, and boring days because this is what they will look back on to understand their childhoods.

I want to document their lives. And I want it to be honest. The pictures don’t have to be in beautifully staged playrooms or well lit kitchens. I’m not going for perfect. I’m looking for real life.

Lifestyle sessions will allow your great grandkids to enjoy your childhood memories and they will notice and appreciate all the details in the pictures. So what do you need captured? Is it a milestone of your little one eating by himself or is there a birthday tradition that should be documented? What about your everyday Saturday morning moments? That’s what I would pick! Me making pancakes and waffles and unable to keep up with my little guys appetites while my husband spreads butter, cools down pancakes and helps them poke it on to forks. All while we chat about the weekend through the wall that blocks all sound and sight between the chef and the diners. To me this is our life and it’s priceless.

Here’s a glimpse of the last few days in our life. And if you would like to see more feel free to take a look at my Instagram account. And no, you don’t need to have your own account to access mine.

I have 65 days left in my 365 photo project and I am cherishing all these wonderful and chaotic moments I have caught with our friends and family!

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Hi Friends, I’m Vibha!

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