Our overall experience with VM Photography was excellent! My children were at ease the minute the photographer walked through our door. Never having met her and their eagerness to tell her stories and show her special toys was proof. As the session went on, you could tell our boys almost didn’t even notice her shooting away as they played. These are exactly the type of photographs I was after. It’s easy to capture a posed picture of your family but I wanted keepsakes of the little moments. We have had a few photo sessions with other photographers in the past but never one like this. We have ended up with posed pics of our family with forced smiles or stiff bodies. A lifestyle session allowed every expression or candid movement to be captured and truly reflected our family.
I highly recommend VM Photography to capture your family’s true spirit.
– Sarah (April 2015)

We enjoyed working with Vibha for our family photo shoot in St. Louis.  She was extremely patient with our kids, ages 3 and 1, and truly understood that we were on their schedule.  The booking of the photo shoot went extremely smooth, even considering we are out of state.  She had a great location idea for capturing pictures of our family and we thought it went great.  Thanks to VM Photography for capturing some of our family memories that will be cherished for a lifetime!
– Kristina (September 2014)

My fiance and I are both pretty shy and were not sure we even wanted engagement photos, but we knew they would be something we’d treasure for a long time. Once I found Vibha, she made the whole experience so easy and comfortable. I was so impressed with her pre-planning of the shoot. During our initial meeting, I showed her one picture of an unknown location in Central Park where I really wanted to have a photo taken, and by that night she had researched and found the location online. Scheduling the shoot was a breeze and Vibha’s ideas and contributions to our shared pinterest board were really helpful in our preparation for the shoot. The day of the shoot, she made my fiance and I feel very at ease, which was a difficult task since we are both camera shy. The turnaround for the photos was almost instant – they were stunning! Vibha captured exactly what we wanted – real, simple clean, bright, happy and elegant photos in perfect locations that we had not even considered before. We will treasure these for a lifetime and will certainly call Vibha for events in our future and recommend her to all our friends!
– Lourdes (Aug 2014)

Hi Vibha! Just received your cd today! Love the packaging and all the little details.
I love all the pictures! Thanks again for taking pictures of Kylie!
We hope to see you soon

– Justina

At the start of the summer we had the good fortune of being introduced to Vibha and her awesomeness both in front of and behind the camera. We have two little ones, ages 3 and 1 and Vibha was a natural with both of them as soon as we got out of the car. They took to her like she was an old family friend and she to them. It was lovely. Our session went great, even when the kid’s attention waned and Vibha was able to capture some fantastic family moments as well as our daughter’s one year pictures. Vibha is creative and patient and understanding of the fickleness of corralling little kids. I can’t wait until she is back in town next year and we can do it all over again!
– Audra

For those considering hiring VM Photography and working with Vibha, I highly recommend it. Vibha was great to work with and our 3 month old son really responded well to her. We loved the pictures, they turned out so cute. Pricing was wonderful and it was easy to book our outing. Also, the pictures were sent to us quickly. It was a great way to capture our little guy’s 3 months and keep some great pictures for us!
– Angela

VM Photography did a fabulous job of photographing our squirmy newborn. The pictures are perfect! Vibha had great pose ideas and was open to any special requests that we had. Booking was extremely easy, prices are very reasonable and there are several packages/price points to choose from. I received my pictures quickly. I will definitely recommend VM Photography to others and I plan to use her in the future for our little one’s pictures.
– Abby

Thank you so much VM Photography for the wonderful family photos! Easy to book, wonderful to work with and the most affordable rates I’ve seen lately. We had such a great time. Thanks for making it so easy!
– Natalie

Hi Vibha! Just wanted to thank you for the photos, they were amazing! Hope to have another photo shoot soon
– Tara

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Josh & Stephanie

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