Project 365

As daylight savings time approached I decided to be proactive about my photography. I know that once winter sets in I tend to pick up my camera less and less which is just ridiculous because life still goes on despite being cold and slightly grumpy until the first day of Spring!

So I began a 365 project. I’m sure you’ve heard of it. If not, that’s okay – it’s simple. Take a picture everyday for a year. Yes, everyday. While I most likely already do this because I send a lot (I mean, A LOT) of pictures to family and friends I am not very intentional about what I send. So, this is a bit different.

Here’s a few reasons that I’ve decided to do this and hopefully by reading this you will be convinced to join me:

  • stay active during the cold winter months
  • enjoy the small moments in the day
  • grow as a photographer by noticing different angles and lighting situations
  • have a year of images of my life
  • learn to snap a quick picture because sometimes great things don’t last

My first month has come to an end. Here’s what I learned:

  • some days are tough to photograph because life is repetitious
  • it’s okay if you skip a day or double up. Be kind to yourself. No biggie!
  • people around you are doing great things all the time – stop and look
  • sometimes its about the moment and not about the perfect picture

Here’s my month:
I use the 365 Photo App! It’s easy to navigate and a great way to keep your pictures organized for the month but the numbers are really obnoxious. I couldn’t find anything else as easy to use so I went with it because I have all my originals anyway. I’m open to suggestions if you find anything on Andriod.

I think what I enjoy most about this calendar is the stories that come to mind just by glancing at the day! As I write this and scroll up it brings a smile to my face to see my life. I’m living a pretty good one!

So, join me!!!! Start your 365 project today. Not on January 1st when it will get thrown aside with all the other resolutions! Share yours with me on Facebook, Instagram, or through email. I would love to hear about your challenges and successes and see your monthly progress.

And finally, if you’re interested in hearing from me more frequently or for some deals leave your email on the top!

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