Oh Hey, Mama!

Hey Mamas (and possibly Papas) but Mama’s Day is approaching so it’s all about you….

Time sure can drag, can’t it? Especially when you’re in the thick of changing diapers, blowing noses, picking children up off the floor or reading the same book for the 100th time. But at the same time can you believe that your little one is flying through so many milestones?

As a lifestyle photographer I’m here to help you pause time.

Before we get to the details of what I do I want you to think about something. Whether you’re a stay at home Mom, work from home Mom, work outside of the home or a combination of all of these you’re amazing and wonderful. Your work may not be acknowledged with pay raises, bonuses, dinners out or tickets to a show. But lets face it you and your kids know all that you do on a daily basis.

And as a fellow Mom I see you over there prepping dinner and thinking through every detail while a toddler grabs on to your leg and begs for a “kacker.” I notice that you’re unfazed and determined to get this healthy meal put together before you give in to the pleads for kackers.

I also see that you have options lined up and favorite bowls and sippy cups ready to go. I notice that you present the meal and then wait… wait some more… and then smile or if it quickly goes south you clinch your teeth and move on to the next strategy for getting dinner fed.

To others it may seem like a small detail in your day but you know how important it is. Because your kiddos are your heart and life right now and you work so hard on all aspects of raising them. From the early morning starts with the priceless snuggles to running around making sure your kids are in clean clothes with teeth brushed and ready for the day.

As a lifestyle photographer I capture all these moments with clients because this is what makes you a better than fantastic Mama. The fact that you show up and put your heart and soul into it deserves to be seen by you and everyone else. So I spend some time in your home like a fly on a walk documenting who you are as a family and what you do as a Mom.

Does the dinner routine sound familiar? Or maybe…

You spend hours going from a school aged child completing homework to comforting your newborn baby. You may be covered in eraser shavings, a little bit of spit up and have some marker on your hand but you’re loving every minute of it. I can join you in your everyday adventures and help you to remember what the school days feel like by providing you with amazing photographs that tell your story.

Maybe you’re like me and reading bed time stories may be your favorite part of the day because you can sink into the sofa, relax and feel the warmth of your toddler’s body as he snuggles next to you to listen to George’s adventures with the man with the yellow hat for the 10th time this week. And if this is the case we can all spend some time listening to what George is up to while I lay on the floor out of sight while capturing the last moments of your day together.

When you sit down and think of all that you do it’s monumental.

Raising kids solo, with a partner, with extended family or whatever it may be is an amazing feat and I hope that you take the time to reflect on your work and how influential it is in your little one’s life. This is the time to take a moment and see yourself as the amazing mother you really are. To see yourself as the chef, peacekeeper, musician, nurse, friend, librarian, and everything in between. Because those roles you play are shaping your children into the wonderful movers and shakers the world needs.

Celebrate motherhood and the relationship you have with your kids by documenting your life with them. Hire a lifestyle photographer to capture those hugs, document all the books you read, and all the crawling around you do for the wonderful family you are creating!

Here are some images of my day with the ones I give my heart and soul to everyday. They were taken in my home by my talented friend, Nadeena. You can check her out at Art and Anthem creating beautiful visual content for businesses. She’s amazing at what she does!

When I look at these pictures it floods me with memories and emotions. I immediately think of how hard I worked to balance loving on my 2 year old while caring for my 4 month old. I can feel the guilt of wanting to just sleep with the joy of everyone playing together and enjoying each other. I glow with pride that these pictures represent my family! Mine! And I’m so so proud and happy to see them all the time. In print. Whenever I want because I had lifestyle pictures taken.

And lifestyle pictures can focus on what you want. Ours was a family session. So here we are…

Are you ready to celebrate all that you do? Don’t wait for the perfect time or when things get a little calmer. That to-do list is always going to be there. Your life is busy. You’re a Mom. Don’t miss your opportunity to hire a lifestyle photographer to capture your family in it’s current state of amazingness!

Send me an email and let me know how I can help you to freeze these moments while commemorating all you do and celebrating your family!

And I always love to hear from you so feel free to leave a comment! It makes bloggers happy, really it does.


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