Lifestyle Photography: {Kitchen Edition}

My littlest guy baked for the first time today! I want to share my love for baking and I was so excited when he stayed interested.

It’s great that he has an amazing big brother with a lot of experience by his side. So he can just look over and see what needed to be done.

Shay of course took the lead but that’s okay. He chatted with Avi about what was being done and Avi seemed more than happy to be on a stool listening to his wise words.

They worked together to prepare the muffin pan assuring that not a morsel stuck to the pan and instead landed in their bellies!

To entertain themselves for 10 minutes a lot of singing went on and an outfit change.

Ta-da! The results are in. The muffins were a success.The muffins were truly delicious! I’m all about these blender muffins because they are so quick and easy. There even better because they have no flour or sugar. They only had 3 Tbsp of honey and chocolate chips as you pleased. I made some with and some without the chocolate chips and both varieties were delicious!

Seeing my boys work together and actually complete something was beyond wonderful! And I’m grateful that I now have these images to share with others, print, and put in their albums. Because one day I may not remember the details of the day but that’s why we have pictures and print them!



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