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I took my boys out for pictures for holiday cards.

It was me, my camera bag, a long walk, and the two of them (one of whom doesn’t walk!) without a stroller. So let’s say I was optimistic and hopeful and perhaps a bit silly. Anyway, we get to the location I have in mind and I attempt to get them to look at me at the same time while smiling and without them eating their snacks hidden in between their legs. Because yes, happy kid pictures always include snacks.

Let me tell you the whole experience was frustrating. They wouldn’t look. They could care less what I had in mind.

My very intuitive three year old sensed my frustration and said, “It’s okay Mama I am here to help you.” So, that put me back in my place. I’m a Mama to these two beautiful boys and even if it’s not perfect I’m sure it will be fine.

And you know what? It was! Here’s the “outtakes” from the session with them. These are most likely the ones I WILL print and frame. Because we take pictures to print them, remember? Not so they sit on a flash drive until your computer doesn’t even use flash drives anymore and you can’t access them.

Look at that happiness!! Ready for more “outtakes?”

Here’s his grumpy face which in fact is still adorable. So even though it probably got a “really!?” out of me I still love it!

Raisins?!?! I need more raisins.

And this little guy is usually all smiles! He’s so easy to get a laugh out of but instead here’s what I got. But in five years I’ll cherish the details of his pout, little hands, and long eye lashes!

And I’ll be happy to be able to show him all the silly faces he made.

And I’m so glad my boys get along. I really am. I’m glad they enjoy eating snacks together while sitting outside and looking at the leaves. This picture is what it’s really like to be with these two and I love it!

So, if you’re taking family photos or photos of any kind just remember that sometimes the moments in between are just as valuable. Those are the real moments so sit back and enjoy them!

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