What to Wear

Coordinating a family for photographs is tough to do! You want everyone to be comfortable but still look good. You want your family to be dressed up more than a photograph you would take with your cellphone but you don’t want everyone to be dressed as if they are attending a wedding. So, here are some tips that will hopefully help you.

1. Location!

Keep in mind where these pictures are being taken. If at a beach then heels are not going to work. A black dress in the tall grass is also not the best choice. Wear something that makes sense for the location but keep in mind that wearing green to a forested location is not the best choice. Also, wearing beige to the beach doesn’t work.

2. Be you!

If you step out your front door tugging on your shirt and adjusting your skirt then you’re just not comfortable. If your kids are screaming about their headbands and bowtie’s then they aren’t either. And let’s not forget that if your husband always wears graphic t-shirts then making him wear a V-neck sweater isn’t going to work. You want this to be a happy experience that showcases your families love not grumpiness! Feel free to layer your clothes so that you’re in a comfortable dress you’ve worn before with a fancier cardigan, allow your kids to wear accessories they enjoy such as hats and sunglasses and feel free to have your husband in a plain t-shirt with a nice hoodie on top. If everyone’s happy the experience will be fun!

3. Coordinate

Remember the days when everyone wore the same color top and jeans in pictures? Well, we’ve evolved. Nowadays everyone should be in the same color scheme but without all the matchy-matchy. Pick a few versions of primary colors (mustard, maroon, navy) that go together and have everyone wear at least two of the colors. This way when you’re standing as a family it works well together but everyone is still an individual.  If you need help finding palette inspiration visit: design-seeds.com. Find a picture you like and go with that palette or you can choose a hue you want to use and let them create a palette for you. You can also search for “color palettes” on Pinterest and you’ll be inspired!

4. Layers

Layers add dimension and depth. During the Spring and Summer you can layer your dress with a cute belt and pendant necklace. There are so many options for the fall and winter. Try adding a cardigan, belt, chunky necklace, scarf, hat, tights, blazer, or wool socks under boots. Kids can wear hats, sunglasses, cardigans, vests, suspenders, bowties, leggings, or headbands. But please make the outer layer fit! You don’t want your child looking frumpy in a too-big sweater or blazer. Buy it a bit small or so that it fits right now.