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I often get asked for “tips” on taking better pictures so here’s my first suggestion. Get out of auto mode and take some control of your images! Do this by trying one of the modes on your camera. Start with AV mode. This allows your to control the aperture of each picture.

Some basics:
– the aperture is the F number
– allows you to decide how much foreground and background is in focus
– the lower the number (f/1.8 for example) the less in focus

– the higher the number (f/22 for example) the more in focus


I think the easiest way to understand this is to see some examples.

And here’s the picture I took in manual mode:

What’s the difference between AV Mode with f/2.5 and Manual Mode f/2.5? Here’s the details:

AV Mode: Shot at 1/4000 sec with an ISO of 12800. The shutter speed is really high which is unnecessary because nothing is moving because it’s not an action shot. Also, the ISO is so high that if I wanted to enlarge this image for printing it would be a bit grainy.

Manual Mode: Shot at 1/200 sec with an ISO of 800. I slowed down the shutter speed because I know that I can hold the camera still enough so that it won’t be blurry. Also, I try to use a low ISO when possible so there isn’t as much grain – just in case I want to enlarge it for my fireplace wall.

All in all I would say – go for it! Try AV Mode and try a few different things.

Hope this helps and encourages you a bit.

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