Meet Vibha

Hey there! Thanks for stopping by! I'm Vibha a thirty-something year old wife and mom. My husband and I have two wonderful boys. Shay and Avi. We live in Long Island, NY.

I specialize in lifestyle photography.

My favorite sessions take place in your house and I'll bring one camera and one or two lenses. I don't want to intrude on all your family moments.

I love to capture families just being families. All the moments. This includes the crying moments, the loud and happy ones and the ones filled with hugs. I want you to be able to look back and remember all the small details that make you a family. I want you to be comfortable and have fun with your famiily while I try to be a fly on the wall. I'll be laying low and hanging out on your carpet. Maybe standing on some chairs but you can just ignore me. And since I want your session to be all about you please do your thing. Have your coffee, read books to your kids, retreat to the couch. Do whatever makes you happy. I'll be there to capture it all so you can have it for years later.

Once you have kids I think you finally realize the saying "kids grow up fast!" I hear it all the time and I get it. I see that one day they are sitting in a high chair and the next day they refuse to and have joined the family at the dinner table in a chair just like everyone else. All these small moments just fly by and while you're in it they can drag. I know. But when a milestone comes around you reminise of the past and I want to be there to help you capture those moments. I want you to see your beautiful, messy, and at times chaotic life full of laughs, love, and at times tears. I want you to see all the amazing work you're doing as a parent by capturing your Saturday mornings, or meal times, or game nights. These are the small moments your kids are going to remember and I want you to be part of them. Because you're the reason it's so special to them.